Newton-Allaire House
Cheboygan, Michigan

Front View

View as you enter the driveway

Front close-up. Note the hole at the top of the eaves.

Close up of hole. Squirrels. Can be fixed easily.

Looking right from the front door.

North side of the house has settled quite a lot in 140 years.

Looking left from the front door.

Following the porch around the left to the garden/patio

Coming up on the patio.

Outdoor brick grill

Standing at grill looking at door to parlor and back door to garage.

Inside 2-car garage, door to kitchen, workroom in back.

Entering the front door. There is a 2nd stairway in the back.

Turning right into the music room.

Interior wall of the music room.

All furnishings stay, even the two pianos.

Exterior wall, music room. Larger of the two pianos.

Overhead light in the music room.

We'll call this room the parlor.

Wider parlor shot.

To the right in the parlor is a door to the porch.

Inside shot of the side that settled.

Parlor window

Far end of parlor

Looking from parlor into living room.

Bay window in living room.

Living room chandelier and ceiling detailing.

Built-in bookshelf in living room. Door to south side of porch

Dining room. Door to the right goes into living room.

Dining room showing back stairs, door to small bathroom, and sitting room.

Small bathroom off dining room.

Boiler room is off hallway that leads to the small bathroom.

Kitchen door leading into dining room.

East side of kitchen (towards front of house)

Southwest corner of kitchen. Back door to garage is to the right of this.

'Sitting room' off dining room. Was a (the?) kitchen long time ago.

Old wood stove not hooked up. Just for decoration.

Bathroom off sitting room.

High ceilings and decorative overhead lights
are in every room including the bathrooms.

View from the bathroom back into the sitting room.

'The pink bedroom.' One of the three larger bedrooms upstairs.

Another shot of the pink bedroom

'The blue bedroom'. Second of the larger bedrooms.

More blue bedroom

More blue bedroom

'Red bedroom.' Third of the larger bedrooms.

Red bedroom again.
Notice the spigot that connected to a cistern on roof in the 1800's.

One of the smaller bedrooms.

Another small bedroom.

Another small bedroom.

Another small bedroom.
There are 5 small bedrooms, I missed one when taking pictures.

Upstairs bathroom.